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Peoples definition of a futon can differ quite dramactically. According to the dictionary a futon is "a thin mattress, usually filled with layers of cotton batting and encased in cotton fabric, placed on a floor for sleeping, especially in traditional Japanese interiors, and folded and stored during the day."
At City Futon & Dinette our defintion is quite different! Our futons start as an attractive looking couch during the day, then transform into a comfortable bed by night. Our futons also come in a multitude of different sizes including cot width, twin, full & queen as well as numerous different configurations.
Below you will see the 3 components that make up our completely customizable futons;

Futon Frames

We provide a complete comprehensive line of wood and metal futons frames to suit your style and needs. Our wide selection of frames include hardwood, metal, oak, teak, rattan and many more. There are numerous different colors & finishes available in each style, to help you create that perfect look to fit your decor.

Futon Mattresses

Our futon mattresses are manufactured by Devon Chase & Company. Devon Chase have been providing us with futon mattresses for the past 8 years now, and they are still consistantly providing high quality comfotable mattresses with excellent warranties of between 6 & 16 years. We offer the entire line of Devon Chase mattresses at City Futon & Dinette which consist of 8 different styles to match any comfort level.

Futon Covers

The final piece is the Futon Cover. We have over 500 different fabrics to choose from to finish off your custom futon. Every cover is custom made to suit your needs, whether it has piping or without. You can also add cushions & bolsters in the same fabric or a coordinating fabric to match.

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